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EVM Executive Edition is incredibly easy to use and powerful. In just hours, your executives will be managing their performance targets and budgets. There is no easier way for your team to get started with EVM. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial.

About Us

Organizations serve a purpose. They exist to deliver certain value. Companies use a tremendous amount of time, effort, investments, assets and resources. So it makes perfect sense to ensure, manage, measure, monitor, encourage and support that maximum value is realized.

Throughout the 1990s, many large companies have focused on four main ways to grow profits: restructure, downsize, outsource, and acquire. However, companies who calculated success based on individual unit metrics and dollars rather than the big-picture context and long-term shareholder value have suffered the most during the economic downturn.

The times for short cuts in improving company value are gone. Traditional methods of assessing organizational performance are no longer adequate in today's economy. Stock price is less and less determined by earnings or asset base. The empirical data strongly suggests that a company’s value is not created through financial manipulations. In today’s economic climate and moving forward, companies need to set value-linked targets that can inspire employees and be met with financial market expectation.

Founded in August 2001 by a team of enterprise software veterans and corporate finance experts, Governance One offers Enterprise Value Management (“EVM”) System to help executives manage companies’ value-creation processes. Governance One EVM System links internal management targets and actions with an external investor perspective and is specifically designed for companies seeking to ambitiously create stakeholder value. Governance One EVM System:

• Optimizes organizational efficiency, supports continuous quality improvement, and maximizes the value of human and capital assets by aligning enterprise resources to reach an umbrella enterprise vision.

• Enables executives' proactive response by providing key decision makers early indicators of risk or excellence.

• Offers line managers the "what-if scenario" modeling capability to test the full risk-return implications of a specific strategy, or compare a number of options to reveal unintended consequences of decisions in advance and to provide foresight about business behavior.

• Enables financial executives to align strategic objectives and performance measures with the whole budgeting process and provides rolling forecast results that can facilitate the effective resource allocation to minimize financial risk and optimize enterprise value.

• Provides senior executives with presentable business materials to facilitate external value communication with all interested parties.

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